No matter how big or small your business is, social media presence has become indispensable for all. In the post-Covid world, people are engaging with brands and businesses over social media more than ever. Social media marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing, though the latter has a much wider scope. Nonetheless, social media marketing is perhaps the single-most-important aspect of digital marketing.

As many as 84% of millennials are regular users of social media. The number is close to half for older generations. On the whole, a huge number of people spend some time every day on social media platforms. As a business owner, how you use social media for marketing your brand will have a huge impact on your business’s success.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook remains the most used social media platform, with more than 2.32 billion people using the platform every month. For all its controversies and scandals, Facebook has survived as the most widespread social media platform.

When you market a product on Facebook, the chances of it reaching the target demographics are slim. That is why you need our marketing services that target demographics accurately. With random, unplanned social media posts, you would be doing nothing more than wasting your time and content.

The same principles apply to Twitter and Linkedin but with some key differences. These two platforms focus on building networks of connections, and Linkedin especially is network-based. Our social media marketing services focus on coordinating social media marketing in these similar-yet-different social media platforms.

Our Facebook marketing services focus on clearing the clutter of Facebook and delivering your post to the right people. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and plan a social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram’s marketing model is dominated by influencers. If you do not have the time to filter through the thousands of influencers to find who aligns with your values, you can leave that to us. Apart from working in tandem with influencers, we also manage Instagram marketing with a focus on creating short-form content for your business.

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is picture and video-heavy. Using this properly will give your brand a voice and an image. Apart from Instagram, many business owners are now turning to platforms like TikTok to market their brand. TikTok has its own share of benefits, and it also focuses on short video content. Our team of marketing experts will take care of all your short-form content and market them for maximum results.

YouTube Marketing

While not a social media platform by definition, YouTube has become the place where the world finds out new things. With more than 2 billion users, it has a monopoly over all video hosting platforms. YouTube has stretched the definition of free content, with tons of valuable data and information available at no cost.

YouTube marketing is often more detailed and also influencer-dominated. It would be foolish to apply the same marketing strategies to both Facebook and YouTube since there is a fundamental difference between the two. Our marketing experts make sure you get the most out of YouTube marketing with effective content creation and association with the right influencers.


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