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Cannabis Science Conference West

Cannabis Science Conference is the world’s largest & fastest growing cannabis science event. Our conferences have a specialized focus on analytical science, medical cannabis, cultivation science, hemp/CBD science & psychedelic science. We pull together cannabis industry experts, instrument manufacturers, testing labs, cultivators, research scientists, medical professionals, policy makers and interested novices. Our semi-annual event is aimed at improving cannabis science. Join us in Long Beach, CA (February 2-4, 2022) for exciting conferences with keynotes, presentations, round table discussions and exhibits.



Cannabis & Psychedelics in one unprecedented event: business, lifestyle, science, careers & more.

Cannadelic Miami is a 2-day conference and expo that fully integrates the two for professionals and consumers. A massive expo hall with feature 150+ exhibitors. Two session halls will feature 40+ speakers and panels tackling topics from new licenses coming to Florida to modern day shamanism and everyday microdosing.

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Psychedelic Awareness & Holistic Health Fest

Opening Hearts, Changing Minds

We’re on a mission to raise awareness of – and respect for – the therapeutic and life-enhancing potential of psychedelics and other holistic modalities of health and wellness in the Anchorage community!

We invite you to join us for this “not-to-be-missed” event! Come and meet our exquisite vendors, engage with our informative speakers, enjoy our wonderful musicians & indulge in some healthy bites… and much more!

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New Advances in Psychotherapy

This conferencynce will explore what clinicians need to know about the use of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) to treat a wide variety of conditions, including —

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • End-of-life distress
  • Addiction
  • Treatment-resistant depression (TRD)
  • Complex trauma
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Autistic adults
  • Suicidality
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The State of Psychedelics Summit at SXSW

Psychedelics have played a role in human culture for centuries in both spiritual and recreational settings, and recent breakthrough research of psychedelics as a treatment for a wide range of psychiatric conditions shows promise. The Psychedelics Summit aims to explore the medical, economic, and ethical implications of these tripped-out chemicals.

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CannMed 2022

CannMed showcases the greatest minds in cannabis science, medicine, cultivation, and safety. Since 2016, CannMed was born to promote understanding of cannabis’s complex science and its medical benefits for patients in need. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and other cannabis industry leaders have chosen CannMed to announce their latest findings and breakthrough technologies to the world. With the cannabis industry anticipated to exceed $500B by 2028, CannMed is the one conference you cannot afford to miss. Join us in Pasadena, May 3rd – 5th, for CannMed 2022, and experience firsthand what makes CannMed the industry’s premier cannabis science conference.

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Catalyst Summit

CATALYST Summit 2022 will take place IN PERSON at Queen’s University in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Canada as well as ONLINE. We will be hosting a line-up of best-in-class speakers and experts, influencers, and global psychedelics leaders joining us to share their vision of a world WITH Psychedelic Medicine.

Details of the agenda and keynote speakers will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

EARLY BIRD TICKETS now available!

VIP ticket holders will have the following access:

  • Front 3 row seating at all the speaker stages
  • VIP Lounge (w/ food & drinks)
  • VIP Lunch or cocktail events to meet & greet industry leaders and speakers
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Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development

Following the success of the 1st Annual Psychedelic Therapeutics and Drug Development Conference in 2021, we’re thrilled to be hosting the 2nd Annual event on May 23-24, 2022 in Washington, DC. This event has been organized to bring together the world’s leading researchers and leaders in academia, industry, the non-profit sector and government to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the research and development of psychedelics for various health conditions with considerable unmet need. This event will highlight the progress being made towards regulatory approval of a variety of psychedelics with the potential to treat various conditions, including inflammatory/autoimmune disorders, brain injury, pain, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, headaches, depression, and opioid use disorder.

Our speakers and panelists will be covering important topics such as Clinical Trial Design, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Guidance, Psychedelic Drug Delivery, Commercialization, Legal Issues, Emerging Preclinical Science, and New Clinical Data among other topics. This event has been designed and curated for the benefit of key stakeholders in this burgeoning area and will provide practical guidance, discussion and networking.


From Research to Reality

Recent years have seen a rapid resurgence of research focused on the use of psychedelics in the treatment of mental and substance use disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and alcohol and nicotine addiction.

Research programs in many countries are now studying the clinical benefits of psychedelics, but there are not a lot of channels to allow for knowledge sharing and collaboration. In addition, there are policy barriers that limit access to psychedelics for study. Finally, matters of equity, diversity and inclusion issues prevail in the field.

From Research to Reality (R2R) was created to address these issues. The goals of the conference are to stimulate knowledge exchange among researchers; help researchers and policymakers engage and address policy barriers and opportunities; and foster a culture of anti-oppression and inclusivity in the psychedelic space. That is, we want to shift the action from the research lab to the real-world clinical application, and start making a difference in the lives of those living with mental health and substance use disorders.

To this end, researchers, clinicians, policy-makers and people with lived experience will gather at the 2022 international conference in Toronto to break down barriers to progress, share original research, and build a network of knowledge-exchange opportunities.

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Sana Symposium – ONLINE

In 3 days, gain the confidence and know-how to effectively guide patients interested in psychedelic therapies, and set the stage for a smooth transition of this new treatment option into your practice.