Think of business as the human body- The team is the heart, marketing is the blood circulation, the website is the brain, branding is personality/character, video production is the looks, then the content is the skeleton. Content is everything on your website and social media pages. Pictures, videos, posts (including shares), blogs, logos, website formatting, news, ads, and products/services all make up your content.


Videos are one of the key components of content creation. It captures your essence: brand, professionalism, business presence. Thankfully, we have an entire video production team to produce high-quality videos. Then, we have graphic designers for sleek ads and promotional or holiday posts. WE can make your content fit perfectly on your website like a puzzle. Content creation is one of our many talents. We’ll see to it that your content matches your business presence and brand. News posts and graphics will be all originally you and your brand.


Content will be consistent, as far as scheduling, message, tone, and mood. Not only will your own content be promoted, but we recommend acknowledging similar content to add variety to your pages. Our social media manager will create social media content that stays true to your brand. Social media management will also include admin moderation- monitoring comments, answering questions, and staying on schedule.


Content will also stay updated with the times, never behind on memes and social media trends. Don’t forget about more content that can go on your sites, such as presentations, menus, GIFS, newsletters, and more information such as company history and relevant external links. We can use several resources, such as WordPress, Canva Pro, Adobe Photoshop, and much more. We even wrote a book once as well. So, we can help with physical, 3D content as well.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re looking for a new look, we can get Redwood creative together.

Full Service List

Brand Strategy & Messaging

Marketing Communications

Digital Media

Brand Stewardship

Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Brand Attributes
Brand Tone & Voice
Competitive Audits
Market Research
Brand Naming
Product Naming
Content Strategy
Logo Development
Tagline Development
Launch Strategy

Advertising Campaigns
Packaging Design
Print Collateral
Website Design
Website Development
Broadcast & Production
Video & Animation
Identity & Logo Design
Environmental Design
Trade Show & Event Marketing

Video & Animation
Asset Development
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Interface Design
Content & Launch Strategy
Content Development
Information Architecture
Mobile Applications
Social Media Integration
Usability Testing
Use Cases

Brand Guidelines
Media Planning
Long-term Planning
Tools & Templates
Asset Management
Measurement & Reporting