Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance derived from Tabernanthe Iboga, an evergreen rainforest shrub native to Central Africa. It has been harvested for centuries across Central Africa for its medicinal effects and has been traditionally used in spiritual and healing ceremonies. Recently, Ibogaine has shown promise as a potential treatment for addiction and various mental health conditions. As researchers continue to explore its therapeutic potential, it is essential to discuss the future of ibogaine research, including the direction it should take and the challenges associated with funding such studies. 

Current Research 

There is currently a lot of new research being released about the effects of Ibogaine and its results as a therapy treatment. One study on Ibogaine’s effect on veterans conducted by researchers at Stanford University found that, “participants experienced an average reduction of 88% in PTSD symptoms, 87% in depression symptoms, and 81% in anxiety symptoms. The drug also resulted in improved cognition and disability ratings amongst the veterans”. These findings show very promising potential for using ibogaine to treat PTSD in veterans. 


Another study funded by the University of California San Diego and the New York University School of Medicine had interesting results: “Ibogaine was associated with substantive effects on opioid withdrawal symptoms and drug use in subjects for whom other treatments had been unsuccessful”. This finding shows the potential for Ibogaine to help those with treatment-resistant conditions and addictions, possibly giving hope to those who have struggled through many other unsuccessful treatment plans. 

Funding and Support

Ibogaine is considered a schedule I-controlled substance in the United States, and is not yet approved for legal therapeutic usage. This makes funding difficult to find from typical government and business institutions. However, there are interested parties who are willing to invest in research for Ibogaine therapy. For example, Kentucky and Ohio are both exploring proposals to use the millions of dollars they have received from settlements related to the opioid crisis for funding clinical trials and research for Ibogaine therapy. Similarly, a pharmaceutical company named Atai Life Sciences is pouring a lot of money into studying Ibogaine. They believe it might hold promise for helping people struggling with addiction and other mental health challenges.


Additionally, Ibogaine therapy is gaining traction in the political sphere. What’s interesting is that lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican  political parties are getting behind the idea of giving Ibogaine another shot. This treatment is getting a second look from federal researchers after being shelved more than four decades ago due to concerns about its impact on the heart. Officials see it as a potential tool not just for battling addiction but also for addressing issues like PTSD. After years of being sidelined, Ibogaine is back in the spotlight, and there is a lot of hope riding on its potential to make a difference in people’s lives.

Where to Find Ibogaine Therapy Now

Although Ibogaine is not approved for use as a therapeutic treatment in the United States, clinics in Canada and Mexico offer legal ibogaine treatments for patients. One article describing how Ibogaine therapy in Mexico is changing the landscape of addiction treatment stated that, “several clinics in Mexico specialize in Ibogaine therapy, each offering unique treatment protocols and approaches.” A few clinics that currently offer Ibogaine treatment include: Clear Sky Ibogaine in Cancun, Mexico, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico, and Inner Realms Center in Vancouver, Canada. 


If you or a loved one is interested in Ibogaine therapy, please be sure to consult with healthcare providers to see if Ibogaine is the right treatment for you. With continued research and innovation, we may unlock the full potential of Ibogaine and create a more compassionate and effective approach to healing and recovery!

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