Addiction is a complicated affliction that affects millions of people around the world. Although so many are affected, there is not a singular solution to treating it. Traditional treatment plans for addiction oftentimes focus on managing cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. Of course the ideal treatment would focus on the underlying causes of addiction and help heal the brain. With the rise of the psychedelic renaissance there are many new and exciting alternative approaches to treating addiction. One promising new approach is Ibogaine therapy, a holistic treatment plan for addiction that has shown remarkable results. 

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance found in the roots of the African shrub, Iboga. This naturally occurring material has been used for centuries in spiritual ceremonies because of its healing properties. In recent years Ibogaine has gained traction as a therapeutic treatment plan to help those struggling with addiction. There are several advantages to Ibogaine therapy: 


  1. Rapid Detoxification: Ibogaine has shown promising results in the process of rapid detoxification from opioids and other substances, alleviating withdrawal symptoms and cravings within a short timeframe.
  2. Psychological Healing: Apart from its detox abilities, Ibogaine treatment may facilitate psychological healing by addressing underlying traumas, negative thought patterns, and emotional imbalances that contribute to addiction.
  3. Long-term Benefits: Some individuals enjoy prolonged periods of relief and abstinence from addictive substances after Ibogaine therapy, indicating lasting benefits in addiction recovery and preventing relapse.
  4. Non-addictive Nature:  Unlike opioid replacement therapies or maintenance medications, Ibogaine lacks addictive properties and doesn’t require prolonged usage, presenting a potentially transformative solution for breaking the addiction cycle.
  5. Holistic Approach: Ibogaine therapy often incorporates holistic methods like counseling, mindfulness techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to promote overall well-being and holistic recovery.


Ibogaine is different from traditional treatment plans in that it focuses on healing all aspects of addiction including spiritual, emotional, and physical factors. The psychedelic experience provided by Ibogaine allows individuals to enter into a deep introspective state that reworks the neural pathways of the brain and gives insight into the specific cause of addiction for each patient. 

Research and Studies Supporting Ibogaine

In the United States, Ibogaine is considered a schedule I-controlled substance. Currently, Ibogaine has not been approved yet as a treatment plan in the U.S. However, studies are showing that patients with addiction tendencies who try Ibogaine therapy have significant improvements. One groundbreaking study conducted by Stanford Medicine showed the potential for Ibogaine therapy in treating PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. The study followed 30 U.S. special force veterans and their experience with Ibogaine therapy. Significant improvements were seen across the board and, “these improvements were maintained for at least one month post-treatment”. This research shows the value of Ibogaine therapeutic treatments and its potential to help with reducing symptoms associated with many different mental and physical health conditions, including addiction.

Eligibility and Safety Considerations

One thing to note is the eligibility and safety concerns of Ibogaine therapy. Treatments with Ibogaines are not suited for everyone. If you have medical conditions such as heart problems, liver disease, or epilepsy, you could be ineligible for Ibogaine therapy. It is essential to undergo thorough assessments and consult with healthcare professionals before pursuing Ibogaine therapy. Additionally, Ibogaine therapy should always be administered under the supervision of experienced medical professionals in specialized clinics. This ensures proper screening, monitoring, and aftercare support to minimize potential risks.


Ibogaine therapy has the potential to cure addiction tendencies by curating the experience to fit each individual’s specific relationship with addiction. Ibogaine therapy is particularly beneficial for veterans who have struggled with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. The holistic approach of ibogaine treatment, combined with the promising research findings, offers hope for those seeking an alternative solution to traditional addiction treatment methods. However, it is essential to approach ibogaine therapy with caution, ensuring eligibility and safety considerations are met and seeking treatment from reputable clinics. With further research and continued exploration, ibogaine therapy may become a valuable tool in the fight against addiction.

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