Once again, we were happy to attend the Wonderland Conference in Miami, Florida this year. The conference was an inspirational success with an incredibly diverse roster of speakers covering every aspect of the burgeoning therapeutic psychedelics community from scientists and therapists to indigenous representatives and those with personal stories of psychedelic-powered healing and growth.

A topic also very well represented was that of longevity research. Several speakers gave us in-depth crash courses into the science behind the study of prolonging not only life span but the amount of healthy, quality years within one’s life span of which psychedelic therapy can play an important role. Learning the role psychedelic therapy can play in longevity by giving people happier lives full of healing and growth to very real physical changes in brain function and neuroplasticity was truly fascinating.

Thanks to all of the organizers, speakers, and sponsors at Wonderland Miami 2023! We’re looking forward to the next one already!

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