Psychedelic Events To Attend in 2023

Modern culture has begun to realize the benefits of psychedelic medicines. As this movement has grown, so too has the desire to gain an understanding of psychedelic medicine. To not only catalyzing research into their safety and therapeutic potential. But to experience these medicines and substances at events that offer enhanced educational, social, and spiritual opportunities.

With this in mind we have created a list of upcoming conferences, expos, and conventions where you can learn more about the latest advancements in psychedelic community.

1. Psychedelic Medicine Israel

Dec. 10–13, 2023, Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, Israel

Promising to provide a truly interdisciplinary international forum for exchanging ideas, unveiling innovations and training in the basics of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Psychedelic Medicine Israel 2023 is richly varied program. Including but limited to plenary lectures, thematic symposia, poster sessions, workshops and informal salons for discussion and interaction.

2. ECNP New Frontiers Meeting 2023

March 19–20, Nice, France

Bringing together a unique mix of scientists, industry leaders, patient representatives and regulators. ENCP New Frontiers Meeting is an essential platform for focused, high-level exchange at the intersection of research science and the development of psychedelics as new treatments for brain disorders.

3. Psychedelic Therapeutics and Drug Development Conference

May 15–16, Burlingame, CA

Organized to bring together the world’s leading researchers and leaders in academia, industry, the non-profit sector and government. This conference was formed to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing those engaged in the research and development of psychedelics for various health conditions with considerable unmet need.

4. Insight 2023

August 31 – Sept. 3, Berlin, Germany

Builders of bridges  and closing the gap between practitioners and the academic world of psychedelic research. Insight 2023 has an exciting keynote lineup in store for attendees. In addition to report results from the largest science-initiated psilocybin study thus far: the German EPIsoDE trial.

5. American Association of Psychedelics Inaugural Conference

May 18–22, Knoxville, TN

The first convention to be hosted by AAP, a leading organization in the evolution of psychedelic healthcare. Their vision is to bring evidenced based research, training, and services to the betterment of society. AAP’s First Inaugural Conference intends to provide an avenue for the discussion and dissemination of innovative research, training, and services that can be applied to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

6. MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023

June 19–23, Denver, CO

Psychedelic Science 2023 is hosting two days of intensive workshop offerings, facilitated by some of the utmost leading experts in the clinical, academic, business, and cultural fields. Featuring 300+ speakers, 7+ tracks, and a number of breakout and small working groups.

Psychedelic Science 2023 provides all the content needed for the practitioners, enthusiasts, and corporate attendees who are driving the future of psychedelics.

7. Psych Symposium

July 6, London, United Kingdom

Europe’s leading psychedelic medicine conference. Psych Symposium provides a stage for the industry’s most influential figures to connect and collaborate. To promote their groundbreaking potential, experts from the life sciences industry will present their research at London.

8. Breaking Convention

April 20–22, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Featuring more than 200 speakers around the world, Breaking Convention is a biennial multidisciplinary conference on psychedelic consciousness. Spanning three full days. The convention will hold numerous workshops and awards, display an art exhibition and installation programme. In addition to a full cinema programme, curate a museum and blotter art auction, throw killer after parties. Ending with a publish a book of selected academic works free for every delegate.

9. Psycon

Sept. 29–30, Denver, CO & Portland, OR

PsyCon is paving the way for the next generation of psychedelic businesses. Focused on emerging markets, the program’s events strive to cultivate connections while promoting education and innovation in the psychedelic industry.

10. Catalyst Summit 2023

May 5–7, Mount Royal University, Alberta

Canada’s premier 4th annual conference dedicated to Psychedelic Medicine and its growing role in medicine, society and commerce. Catalyst Summit promises to examine the myriad of issues related to psychedelic medicine when it comes to harm reduction, best practices, standards, implementation frameworks, etc.


The Benefits Of Microdosing

Microdosing, the practice of consuming a sub perceptual dose of psychedelics substances. Experts in the field anticipates that some psychedelics may become fully legalized within the next few years. A seemingly accurate predication, as we see several cities and two states decriminalize psychedelics substances.

Together with the current trend of legalization is a result of the scientific evidence that suggest psychedelics are safe and effective in the treatment of mental illness. In a small double-blind study, Johns Hopkins researchers report that a substantial majority of people suffering cancer-related anxiety or depression found considerable relief for up to six months from a single large dose of psilocybin — the active compound in the hallucinogenic, magic mushrooms.

All things considered, microdosing could be the most significant step forward in the treatment of mental illnesses. Here are three more medical benefits that supports this:

1. Psilocybin Can Help Alcoholics

An August 2022 study states that modern research has revealed the promising potential of psilocybin for treating alcohol dependence. In the double-blind randomized clinical trial, participants were placed into a psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. Each participant also randomly assigned to receive psilocybin or diphenhydramine (i.e. aspirin). At the conclusion, percentage of heavy drinking days during the 32-weeks study was 9.7% for the psilocybin group. Compared to 23.6% for the aspirin group. Making a significant mean difference of 13.9%.

2. Microdosing Alleviates Depression, Anxiety, & Stress

In another study conducted early in June 2022 suggests greater improvements in mood and mental health. The study sought to compare microdoser participants to non-microdosers in the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-21 (DASS-21). In one month, microdosers show greater improvements among microdosers across the DASS domains of depression, anxiety, and stress. Going further to suggest that microdose-related reductions in depression were stronger among females than among males.

3. Possible Psychomotor Benefits

In addition to mental health benefits, psilocybin shows potential in the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.  Participants took a smartphone finger-tapping test that has been used to assess psychomotor symptoms of neurodegenerative conditions, such as those mentioned previously. Researchers found that the microdoser group experienced improvements in psychomotor performance.


Psychedelic Science 2023: Mark Your Calendars


Psychedelics are experiencing a resurgence in all industries. This is best exemplified by the upcoming conference, Psychedelic Science 2023.

The conference will be hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).  MAPS, a non-profit research and educational organization, has been at the forefront of psychedelic research since 1986. The organization has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. Likewise their role in treating a range of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“The psychedelic renaissance is gaining traction across the globe that will catalyze healing and personal growth for millions,” said MAPS Founder and Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D. “Thanks to the professional and dedicated team at Momentum, we can be assured Psychedelic Science 2023 will be a bridge connecting the medical, the mystical, the marginalized, and the mainstream as we move together toward mass mental health.”

So whether you are a seasoned researcher, clinician, or simply interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. Psychedelic Science 2023 is a unique opportunity for attendees to delve into the frontiers of psychedelic research.

Without further ado, here’s the deets:

Psychedelic Science 2023 Event Details

When: June 19-30

Where: 700 14th St. Denver, Colorado 80202

Community Partner Programming/Events (June 17-18, 24-25)

While the exact event details remain under wraps, Community Programming days are said to feature a variety of events and activities produced by MAPs Community Partners across Denver venues. So bring those walking shoes!

Workshops (June 19-23)

Hosting two days of intensive workshop offerings led by some of the world’s foremost experts in clinical, academic, business, and cultural fields. Psychedelic Science consists of a healthy mix of half-day, full-day, and two-day workshops, as well as complimentary briefings. These events offer a variety of accreditation, educational, and community building opportunities.

Consider these workshops to add to your agenda:

Psychedelic Fundamentals Workshop

“This workshop will include accurate, evidence-based information about psychedelics. The Psychedelic Foundations workshop will cover a range of topics including psychedelic history, science, clinical research, therapeutic uses, and harm reduction.”

Introduction to Psychedelic Therapy for Addiction

“This course will focus on the treatment of addictions with psychedelics. We will cover historical and modern research suggesting anti-addiction treatment efficacy for psychedelic compounds. We will review psychotherapeutic modalities used to facilitate psychedelic treatment of addiction (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy). Methods for ensuring safety and maximizing efficacy will be explored. We will also explore future directions for the future of psychedelic compounds in the treatment of addictions.”

Psychedelic Integration and Harm Reduction in Clinical Practice

“This course will focus on the treatment of addictions with psychedelics. We will cover historical and modern research suggesting anti-addiction treatment efficacy for psychedelic compounds. We will review psychotherapeutic modalities used to facilitate psychedelic treatment of addiction (e.g., cognitive behavioral therapy). Methods for ensuring safety and maximizing efficacy will be explored. We will also explore future directions for the future of psychedelic compounds in the treatment of addictions.”