Here, there’s no fear nor loathing in Las Vegas- only happiness and wellness. On November 6th and 7th, you can learn about psychedelics becoming FDA-approved medicine at Delic Wellness Event. At this event, there will be various speakers: doctors, psychologists, activists, etc. Redwood Creative’s top men Clif Haley and Carson Barker, will attend both days.

Psyche-Delic Wellness Weekend

On the weekend of Nov. 6 & 7, at Area 15 in Las Vegas, there will be a significant convention detailing psychedelics’ business and medicinal aspects. Hear from professional speakers discuss the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms and how to get into the industry. There will also be music and activities. Co-founder Jackie Stang created the event to be fun and professional because “the best kind of learning happens when you are also having fun.” The event is divided into two tracks- wellness/medicine and business.

Delic Speakers

Diverse influential speakers include David Rabin (MD/Ph.D.), Dr. Carl Heart, Ifetayo Harvey, and Laura Dawn. There will also be fifteen more people speaking. They come from different walks of life and educational backgrounds. Dr. David Rabin is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist. He focuses on mental health and has appeared in New York Times and other major publications. Rabin also runs Apollo Clinic, where he helps his clients overcome mental issues by tapping into their healing power. He will use this method of approach when it comes to psychedelics. Next, Dr. Carl Heart will come in from a psychological angle. He is a professor at Columbia University in New York City. Heart focuses on behavioral neuroscience & neuropsychopharmacology. Then, we have Ifetayo Harvey, an activist and graduate of Smith College. She will be speaking on how to stay involved and keep the movement alive. Ms. Harvey also speaks about systematic racism and how the war on drugs disproportionally affects people of color. Finally, Laura Dawn is a holistic alternative medicine practitioner. She will be putting in her two cents about micro-dosing and mindset.

Delic Wellness Event will be the biggest psychedelic medicine event yet. Because, like-minded professionals are coming together from different angles and backgrounds. Together, they can forge a path for psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, and more. And, attendees can learn everything about psychedelic wellness. All while having fun, too. By attending, we support the movement. We hope to see psychedelics gain more positive momentum. Otherwise, stay tuned for updates!

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